The 2. Global Baobab Congress

The second Global Baobab Congress 10. February 2020


Two days prior to europeans biggest organic food trade show (Biofach), the african baobab alliance will host the first global baobab congress at the university in Erlangen (30min away from the Nuernberg central station) on Monday the 10th February 2020.

Join producers, traders, researchers and support organisations active in the growth and development of the global baobab fruit industry for the first ever Global Baobab Congress.

Why you should join the congress

Marktszahlen Baobab

The Market for Baobab Products

Join the congress an learn more about the current and future development of the Baobab market in the US, Europe and emerging economies.

Learn how to adjust your business strategy to the upcoming changes and trends by listening to the presentations of baobab pioneers and their broad experience.

Scientific Research relating to Baobab

More and more research gets undertaken to discover and proof the beneficial health effects of the Baobab Fruitpowder, Oil and also other tree parts. In addition, there are also increasing scientific efforts to understand how the climate change and an increase of harvesting activites will affect the baobab tree population and how to prevent an overexploitation an insure a sustainable utilization of the baobab trees.

Get the synthesis of current scientific research related to the Baobab tree and its produce during the congress!

Research on Baobab
Quality Management

Quality Standards for Baobab Products

Learn more about the different quality standards around the baobab fruitpowder and oil and how you can measure and assure a high and static quality to be able to provide the best quality to your customers.

The Location

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