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Empowering rural Baobab harvesters across Africa

By 2030, over 1 million rural African women will be benefiting from the harvest and sale of Baobab fruit.
About Us

Conserving Baobab trees for future generations

By 2030, 10 million hectares of Baobab woodland in Africa will be effectively conserved and managed.
What We Do

Absorbing carbon through Baobab trees

By 2030, 300 million tonnes of carbon are sequestered annually in actively managed Baobab woodland.
Social Impact

Economic growth through Baobab value addition

By 2030, the Baobab industry is worth over US$1 billion/yr to Africa.
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Who We Are

The African Baobab Alliance is a non-profit industry association, building a sustainable Baobab industry for the benefit of Baobab harvesters across Africa.

Industry Promotion

Providing a platform for Baobab producers, processors, manufacturers, researchers and support…

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Quality Standards

Facilitating the development of minimum quality standards for Baobab fruit powder…

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Supply Chain Support

Developing a standardised training curriculum for baobab producers relating to quality management…

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Developing standardised methodologies for local and national-level Baobab resource assessment…

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Market Growth

Identifying and agreeing key priority areas for scientific research aimed at substantiating relevant…

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Become a Member

The African Baobab Alliance’s core members are businesses involved at different stages in the Baobab value chain (from harvesting raw material through to processed finished products), as well as researchers and support organisations with an interest in growing the Baobab industry. 

Video Guides

If you are new to Baobab processing and marketing, check out our simple, three part video guide for new producers here: