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ABA Membership Principles

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We will work together with all baobab value chain stakeholders to promote the growth of the baobab industry in Africa and around the world.
We respect and adhere to the principles of social responsibility, as outlined in the ISO 26000 Standard on Social Responsibility, and we commit to building trust and respect throughout the supply chain.
We respect and adhere to the principles of environmental sustainability in the sourcing, processing and marketing of baobab products.
We respect all international anti-cartel and competition laws. We will avoid any price collusion and encourage free and fair competition across the industry. Furthermore, we will honour contracts and agreements and commit to timely delivery and payment.
We acknowledge that the long term sustainability of the baobab industry depends on our ability to consistently meet the highest quality standards in our production and processing. Accordingly, all members will meet the ABA Quality Standards as approved by the membership of the Alliance.
We recognise the importance of full traceability throughout the baobab supply chain and commit to sourcing baobab only from fully traceable supply chains.
We will comply with international laws and regulations around Food Safety, and will ensure that our baobab products meet the legal food safety requirements at all times in the territories in which they are sold. This applies to members operating at each level of the value chain.
We will comply at all times with international regulations pertaining to Access and Benefit Sharing, as outlined in the Nagoya Protocol.